Dear Learners,
Welcome to Class I B for the Academic Session 2014-15
This blog is going to be one of the strongest media of communication between Parents, Learners and Class Teacher.
Let us make this Blog an interactive tool for the mode of Communication and Learning.
Looking for a great year ahead.


Important points to remember. Kindly follow them for the smooth functioning of Learning Partnership.

  • Read all Rules and Regulations in the GREEN BOOK carefully
  • Label all uniform items & belongings of your child with his/her

                   1. Name                               
                   2. Admission No.
                   3. Class

  • Send nutritious and vegetarian food in your child’s tiffin
  • Send a clean tiffin mat and napkin every day
  • If your child is unwell please don’t send him/her to school.
  • If half-day leave is taken on an exam day, the recorded marks are reduced to average
  • Emergency leave in the middle of a working day can be granted only if there is prior notice over telephone, enabling sufficient time to issue a gate pass.
  • Students are not allowed to board the bus without student I-card
  • Children should be escorted to the bus stop every morning by parent/guardian
  • Parent/Guardian should bring Parent I-Card for any school visit
  • Parent/Responsible Adult must show parent I-card at the bus-stop drop
  • Please check and sign your ward’s school diary daily
  • Please write all applications on Parent Application form only
  • Mehendi, Tattoo, Hair-dye, Body Piercing strictly prohibited
  • Students who misbehave severely or are without clean and correct uniform may be sent home.
  • Monday & Friday Uniform Specifics:

                       Classes I-V: Blue T-shirt + regulation skirt/shorts
                       Classes VI-X: Blue T-shirt + Track Pants

  • For tele-queries and appointments, please contact DPS Tapi Academic Office at:09662048973, 0261-6547555
  • It is strictly forbidden to contact staff members except via school

Shyby Anish
Class Teacher

Internet Safety Rules


24 Responses to HOME

  1. naziya says:

    Hello mam.wher is the home work.

  2. Maam kindly arrange PTM as soon as pissiable.As We are new for grade 1. I have some quaries.

  3. Naziya Shaikh says:

    Dear Madam,

    please send us the task sheet & scrapbook of yesterday, due to illness he was not attended the school.

    Please do favour us.

    Yours Faithfully

    Naziya Shaikh (Mother of Mohammed Maaz, Roll No. 17)

  4. F/o Anish says:

    Story of three little piggies is spoken by Anish, now he has read all the story very fluently but it is need to be hard work on pronunciation. Thanking you Mam.

  5. Good to hear that they are trying

  6. Manisha says:

    Dear Mam …As pencil Color’s are not given to Saumil,please give it if u have.


  8. Lucky Anand says:

    I really appreciate the way dps tapi is managing these class blogs and thus open communication between teacher and parents is happening. My daughter studies in class 1 of dps gurgaon. We are not so fortunate to have such facility here. KUDOS to DPS Tapi management and teachers!

  9. Veer Sanghavi says:

    Veer played 5 times and he enjoyed a lot and scored 50…I am happy to see him quite fast to do that…Thank you Mam!

  10. hitesh Mangwani says:

    Ronak played the game 2 times and scored 50 in both attempts. He enjoyed too much.

  11. anish says:

    Mam the firebrigate number is 101

  12. Saumil's Mother says:

    Really Nice Diya Decoration done by cute children…

  13. Sharad verma says:


    This is Sharad Verma father of Vedant Verma 1st B. Pl let us know the date of annual function so that we can plan accordingly . as we are planning to travel in Rajshthan in first week and second of December

    Thanks, Sharad

  14. VeeR Sanghavi says:

    Hello Madam, Veer is very happy and we are much satisfy to see veer on the big stage like Sanjeevkumar Auditorium. We are really feel superb to see his confidence and appreciate you for hard work for practicing to develop his skill…

    Thank you so much Mam!

  15. Sharad verma says:

    This is Sharad Verma father of Vedant Verma 1st B, due to unavoidable circumstances we could not attend today’s PTM. Kindly let us know if you can send score card via my son or do we need to take septate appointment in coming week. Applicate your help and provide quick resnponse.

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